1987 Founder and Managing Director of GALEKSIS Logistic s.r.o. Ljubomir Rukavina- "Ludwig" (LR), as a truck driver in the company BAUER Spedition, D-75365 Calw, begins to organize the transport from / to Germany-Yugoslavia with YU-transporters.
1991 LR is founding transport-trading company LUDWIG Ltd. (LUDWIG d.o.o.) in Belgrade, Serbia. LUDWIG Ltd. serves as a shipping partner to BAUER Spedition, D-75365 Calw and operates its own foreign trade with food, cosmetics and TV / Video products.

In order to perform it's logistics operations, LUDWIG Ltd. takes care of all accomplices in logistics process and in thus related business practices, learns any problems and participate in solving them.

Many business partners / customers are serviced in many different ways - from welcoming them at the airport, organizing their accommodations ... Establishing and nurturing contacts with agents, dealers, manufacturers ... Orders are carried out in company formations, including all the necessary formalities with government agencies, and acquiring the appropriate employee, attorney, bookkeeping agency.
1993-1996 due to the Serbian-Embargo 1992-95, and therefore commercial blockade of LUDWIG Ltd., LR establishes and manages it as a co-owner, subsidiary of BAUER Spedition in Prague and Budapest, as well as his own company GALEKSIS Logistic s.r.o. in Prague.
1997 after the Serbian-embargo, LUDWIG Ltd. takes a business of ROMTRANS GmbH D-85748 Garching / Munich, independently and as a shipping partner. GALEKSIS Logistic s.r.o. becomes de-activated.
2000-2002 LUDWIG Ltd. operates as a shipping partner of DANZAS, D-77767 Appenweier, for the former Yugoslavia.
2002-2003 on behalf of SCHENKER Austria, LR is founding and managing first SCHENKER branch in Serbia, SCHENKER Belgrade.
LUDWIG Ltd. is therefore closed in early 2003.
2003-2005 on behalf of FRANS MAAS Holland, LR is founding and managing first FRANS MAAS branch in Serbia, FRANS MAAS SERBIA Ltd. Belgrade.
2014 LR is re-activating GALEKSIS Logistic s.r.o.